Makita- 16" 81 cc Power Cutter- 8100


Makita- 16" 81 cc Power Cutter- 8100

CAD 1,129.00
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CAD 1,129.00

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  • 2-stroke power cutter solution for every application.

  • The Makita 16" Power Cutter (model EK8100) is a gas power cutter engineered to meet the demand for convenience and performance.

  • The EK8100 delivers with faster starting, more power, and improved fuel economy.

  • The EK8100 has an 81 cc engine with 5.6 HP (maximum horsepower) to take on the most demanding applications.

  • The ignition coil with start-support function stores electrical power with each pull for easier start-ups.

  • It’s engineered for reduced flooding with a carburetor that includes improved deco-valve and metering spring for precise fuel regulation at start up.

  • The EK8100 also features more efficient fuel consumption with an SLR muffler that recycles unburned fuel vapor for reduced scavenging-losses and 15% improved consumption.